Keune Fortifying Shampoo 1922 250 ml

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Improves hair vitality and strength. Invigorating shampoo for thicker, fuller hair. Who doesn’t want thicker hair? Delicate, fine and dull hair needs the kind of attention our Fortifying Shampoo offers. It not only feels cool and tingly – thanks to the eucalyptus we added – it also strengthens and thickens hair with creatine and provitamine B5. Vitamin H is important, because it makes hair stronger and keeps it from falling out. Cannabis sativa hemp seed extract – the non-psychoactive kind – is part of the nourishing mix, too, because it contains the protein hair needs to flourish.Massage a small amount into wet hair and scalp. Rinse well, then repeat if needed. For extra hair growth stimulation, finish with Fortifying Lotion.

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