Nashi Argan Instant is the most requested detangling spray by those who love efficacy and quickness. No laying times, no need to rinse off, Instant can meet more needs in just one spurt: the frizz fighter that protects your hair from the heat of hair straighteners and hair dryers, prevents split ends and strengthens also the thinnest hair. Thanks to the ultra-light formula, you can use it also on dry hair to revive your hair style and just say goodbye to humidity. Once you’ve got it, you can’t stay without it

Perfect for:
•You have frizzy hair
•You have thin hair and you want to detangle it without weighing it down
•You often use hair straighteners
•You want to prevent split ends
•You want a product to be used also on dry hair

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Nashi Argan Instant, A UNIQUE, PRACTICAL AND QUICK PRODUCT to solve the most common problems and that allows you to have the ideal hairstyle with a single spray. Moisturizing styling mask in spray that does not rinse off. Instantly transforms all hair types, adding softness, shine, combability and protection. It is enriched with a mixture of precious natural elements of organic origin, certified argan and linseed oils.

• Styling lasts longer • Makes straightening easier
• Prevents frizz
• Adds volume and hold
• Adds shine
• Protects during the drying process
• Detangles hair
• Eliminates frizz
• Rebuilds damaged hair

How to use: Spray on dry or washed hair after drying with a towel. Comb to spread evenly throughout the hair. Do not rinse. Continue styling as desired. Advice from your professional hairdresser: “A quick spray on dry hair in the morning will help you keep the ideal hairstyle for the whole day”.

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