Korres Oceanic Amber Edt 50ml

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Scent Identity: Fougere, Oriental

Earth and water; fresh, yet bold. This fragrance reveals the art of balancing fresh oceanic notes with amber and cardamom, as they let energizing peppermint in. Cedar, black pepper and soft apple blossoms are the last notes to emerge out of this powerful fragrance.

Oceanic Amber: A fusion of wood, salt and fresh water; the essence of deep waters surrounded by strong, resinous trees; nature’s unpolished beauty appreciated since Neolithic times.

Cardamom: One of the most ancient and precious spices; its earliest attested form includes it in the list of ingredients used by ancient perfumers in the Mycenae palace.

Peppermint: Greek nymph Minthe transformed into this sweet toned plant that released a powerful, energizing, fresh aroma each time it was stepped on. Among the oldest herbs used in medicine, peppermint has long been appreciated for its instant refreshing and energizing ability.

Top Notes: Amber

Heart Notes: Peppermint

Base Notes: Cardamom

Suitable for Vegans

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