KORRES Kids Comfort Sunscreen Spray Body + Face

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The set contains the Yoghurt Kids Comfort Sunscreen Spray for Body and Face SPF 50 and GIFT the Limited Edition Back Pack from 100% Cotton.

Gentle, fast-absorbing, high-protection sunscreen spray, specially designed for kids’ sensitive skin. Provides long-lasting, active hydration and an optimal sensation of comfort.
Enriched with: Yoghurt, natural source of proteins and unique hydrating properties.
Panthenol, helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.
Coconut & Almond oils: superior natural moisturizers that keep the skin soft and supple.

Innovative formulas with new-generation sun filters, thoughtfully crafted with respect for both the skin and the environment. With EcoSun Pass® for better protected environment.
Skin + Sea Conscious
Broad Spectrum
UVA + UVB Protection
Water resistant
No white marks
Dermatologically tested
Fragrance 100% from Natural Origin
Ideal for sensitive skin

Suitable for Vegetarian

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