Korres Black Pepper Eau De Toilette 50ml

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Scent Identity: Woody, Citrus, Amber

With lemon prevailing in the set of citrus TOP NOTES, this multi-layer fragrance feels almost royal; prestigious black pepper, luxurious cashmere and intense lemon.

Black Pepper: The king of spices, highly prestigious since ancient Greece, has been used as currency and presented to the gods as a sacred offering. It off¬ers a distinct warm and bracing aroma, a pungent bite melding with resins found in its seeds.

Cashmere: Synonymous for eternal quality and luxury, and praised as early as the third century BC, cashmere has a smooth indulgent feel and a deep woody scent.

Lemonwood: Α native evergreen Maori tree also known as tarata, is a precious source of a unique, highly fragrant scent. Its glossy yellow-green leaves emit a sparkly, refreshing and earthy hint of lemon note.

Top Notes: Lemon, Mandarine, Lime

Heart Notes: Lavandin, Fresh Marine, Black Pepper

Base Notes: Cedar, Cashmere Wood, Amber Musk

Suitable for Vegans

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